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Discovering His Love letter 

(the Noble Quran)

Our intention is to nurture a friendship with the Quran where love leads the way.  Here's welcoming your children to blossom in their journey of discovering His love letter in the company of qualified hafidahs who are loving, joyful and nurturing older sisters for them. 

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We strive to revive the heart-to-heart teaching of our Beloved Prophet, who was deeply present with children, played with them, and loved them unconditionally. 

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Come to know, find inspiration and fall in love.  We intend to facilitate an inspirational journey of a life-long friendship with the Quran.  

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Growth Mind-set

We strive to bring forth a diversity of learning tools to encourage each child to persevere with ihsaan and use mistakes as opportunities for growth.  

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The Noble Quran is our Rabb expressing His love to our very souls.  With this premise, we hope to nurture a deep reverence and adab for His Love Letter.   

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Every page of the Qur'an is a love letter sent to us from Allah. 

(Imam Zaid Shakir)

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