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Budding Love

أَنْ تَجْـعَلَ القُرْآنَ رَبِيـعَ قَلْبِـي 
Make the Noble Quran, the Spring-time for my heart

 Here's welcoming your daughters to blossom in their journey of discovering His love letter in the company of qualified hafidahs

who are loving, joyful and nurturing older sisters. 

Qualitative:-story-telling, singing poetry, journaling, turkish Quranic arts, vocabulary games & reflective Quranic recitation while spending time amidst the beauty of His creation on the farm.  

Quantitative:  Montessori Arabic materials, a creative system of motivation to nurture the Prophetic way of a growth mindset through which each child can try their very best.  Our approach involves an array of developmentally-appropriate Quran stations which nurture each child according to their level. Each child will progress at their own pace as they naturally feel inspired by the mentorship of their teacher and the comradery spirit of others working on the same goal.  

The classes below nurture different aspects of the qualitative and quantitative intentions we have in the girls' journey of becoming carriers of the Quran by His fadl and karam.  



How can we savor the journey of becoming carriers of the Quran through a sacred, creative and meaningful way of memorization amidst His signs on a farm?  This quest has led us to this unparalleled Quran program where love leads the way.   


Ages: 6-10 yrs

Time: 3:30-5:00PM

  • 3 Day Option | MWF | $360/month

  • 2 Day Option | MW | $240/month

  • Scholarships Available

Quranic Arabic

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How can we tread the journey of understanding the meaning of the Arabic words in Juz Amma?  Word by word translation of the surahs in Juz amma will be explored through games, writing, memorization and artistic Quran journaling to nurture reflection as well as Arabic comprehension.  


Ages: 6-10 yrs

Time: 5:05-5:35 pm

  • 3 Day Option | MWF | $120/month

  • 2 Day Option | MW | $80/month

  • Scholarships Available

Note: Monthly classes are billed for each 4-week session

Quranic Arts

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How can reverence in the heart be expressed by the hand? To nurture holding the Noble Quran in awe, we intend to revive the traditional turkish arts of calligraphy, tezhib and islamic geometry.  

​Students will end the year with their very own ayah in calligraphy along with a Tezhip border around it.

Ages: 6-10 yrs

Weekly on Wednesdays:

-Islamic Geometry

11:30-12pm (1x Weekly) |


Materials Fee: TBD



12-1pm (1x Weekly)

Cost: $80/month

Materials Fee: TBD



1-2pm (1x Weekly)

Cost: $80/month

Materials Fee: TBD

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