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Hold My Heart, Lets Bloom! | 2022-2023 Program

It was with deep intentions, dua and love that the Rose Garden first started the Hold my Heart, Let's bloom six week program earlier this year.  The six weeks turned into almost half a year subhanAllah and as the parents shared their reflections with us, we were humbled by His mercy because there was even more benefit in the program than we had dreamt about.  


Yes it's called a mommy and me program for the sake of using language that is familiar to everyone.  However, this program was never meant to be limited to just that.  It's about reviving and nurturing the love of our Beloved Prophet saaw in our hearts, our homes and in our communities!  Not just the pure hearts of our children who are so close to their fitra but also the hearts of the mothers of our Prophet saaw's ummah, who are our heroes sincerely engaged in the jihad of raising children pleasing to Him!  


Mothers have shared with us how naturally and beautifully they are now able to bring the sunnah duas, hadith and meaningful songs to their homes.  Mothers have shared how they've started singing the verse about the Quran becoming the springtime of our hearts as a lullaby, how they've replaced the clean up song with the hadith they learned, how they now lovingly wake up their children with melodious singing of the morning dua and how much the mood at home has been beautified with singing. Mothers have shared how they really wanted their little ones to learn Arabic through immersion and they realized how much they themselves were picking up along the way!   Some said this was the first time they were able to bring life to the months exalted by Allah at home as Rajab till Dhul Hijja were being celebrated while also reflecting and connecting with the meanings in the stories!  Mothers have shared how rejuvenating it's been for them to be growing alongside their children while building a community with the other mothers and most of all how life changing the Prophetic parenting class has been in their motherhood journey.  


Alhumdulillah after experiencing the tremendous blessings of the program, we are deeply grateful and excited to invite you all to a year round program where all of the above can be deepened consistently inshaAllah!  Even though we were teaching four classes, we still had a waiting list.  All of you have a special place in our hearts for being the very first group of mothers who we had the honor to welcome and you will be receiving priority registration before we extend the invitation to new families for next year inshaAllah. 


Starting October 26th!

Dates for the Program
- Semester 1: October 26th - Dec 21st
- Winter Break: Dec 24th - Jan 24th
- Semester 2: Jan 25th - May 31st


Session 1:  9:30-10:30 am: Hold my Heart Let's Play program:  $98/month(4 weeks)

Session 2:  12-1 pm: Hold my Heart Let's Play program:  $98/month(4 weeks). 


Session 3: 9-10 am: Hold my Heart Let's Play program:  $98/month(4 weeks).

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