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Hold My Heart, Lets Bloom!
2023 - 2024 Program

Registration is closed. Please email to join our waiting list.

Our Year-round weekly Mommy & Me program nurtures a beautiful community for the mothers and children while being hosted amidst a festival of Allah's signs on a farm between the animals, the garden, and mature oak trees.  

The curriculum integrates seasonal themes, our Islamic holiday themes, Arabic language acquisition through immersion, sacred memorization, and a focus on storytelling about our Beloved Prophet.

Looking forward to welcoming your little one to:


a.  Caring for the Goats, Chickens, and Cows!  Storytelling related to animals around our Beloved Prophet saaw will naturally be integrated in the curriculum as the children learn to feed, hold and pet the animals.  


b.  Arabic Immersion: in this sensitive period for language immersion, your children will absorb Fusha Arabic effortlessly through creative songs, games, stories, and play!  You'll be surprised how much Arabic you will also be able to pick up!  


c.  Quran, Dhikr, Sunnah duas & Hadith:  are all memorized naturally through positive associations formed with singing, parachute games, and stories. 


d.  Sensorial stations & Play: children explore the thematic spiritual meanings through sensorial stations and play

e.  Story-telling: children are able to live in the story to tread on the journey of falling in love with our Beloved Prophet saaw.  

Weekly Program:

- Saturdays, 10:45 - 11-45 AM

Dates for the Program

  • Semester 1: Sept 16th - Dec 9th

  • Winter Break: Dec 9th - Jan 24th

  • Semester 2: Feb 3rd - May 31st 


Nov, 25th, 2023

Dec, 16th, 2023

Semester 2 Holidays to be provided.


$98/month (4-weeks). 

Welcoming Siblings: 5% Sibling discount.  All siblings younger than 2 years of age join free of cost!  Once siblings turn 2 years old and up, the sibling discount applies.

Note: Stripe processing fees are included above.


FAQ (frequently asked questions):

-Can someone other than the mother bring the children?
Yes inshaAllah all female caregivers are welcome!  We've had grandmothers, aunties, nannys bring children.  Some of the mothers also take turns taking each other's children so they can get a much needed break.  In the latter case, the mother bringing her friend's children is naturally responsible for the children under her care.  Each family registers separately with their designated children even if the caregiver is shared.   

-How about a Daddy and Me? 
Yes its a beautiful and needed class that we are working on!  As of now, the above is for female caregivers only as singing is a big part of the program and the teacher is a female.  

-Can I record the songs?
It is a female teacher's voice singing which is awrah in the hanafi madhab so we apologize but no recordings are allowed.  Also, our programs are hosted in a phone-free environment so we can all leave distractions behind and be fully present to savor His signs around us on the farm as our children look up to us!  With time, you and your child will naturally memorize the songs and bring them to your home!  

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