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Short Vision Introduction:

Full Vision Introduction:

When did a child last beg you to take them to a Muslim-led program?

With the darkness of our modern-day times escalating, now more than ever, our children's hearts are yearning to discover Allah's Love.  But most Muslim programming for children tends to be either mechanically dry and preachy or focused on entertainment via technology.  

How can we nourish the hearts of our children to fall in love with Allah ever so naturally?

We create God-centered educational programs for children on an urban farm where nurturing His love leads the way.  

  • Allah's Beloved: love the one He loves!  Welcome our children to discover who our Beloved Prophet Saaw is and they can't help but fall in love.  With this principle, we nurture the children's personal relationship with our Beloved through stories, songs and projects.

  • Allah's Signs in His Creation: children love being outside and when their hearts are nurtured to connect with the wonders of His creation, they will be captivated by Allah's beauty and majesty.  With this foundation, we reflect upon and learn science on the farm.

  • Allah's Love Letter: the Noble Quran is our Rabb expressing His love to our very souls.  It is what fills our hearts with light.  With this premise, we cultivate our Quran programs.

We strive to return to the deeply connected heart-to-heart teaching of our Beloved Prophet, who was fully present with children, played with them, and loved them unconditionally.  

Imam Zaid Shakir: the people's Imam! Co-founder of Zaytuna College

Dr. Recep Senturk: passionate about God-centered education in our modern times with roots in our spiritual tradition. Founder of Ibn Haldun College, Usul Academy & EDEP.

Shaykh Awn Qaddumi: dedicated to spreading the love of our Beloved Prophet saw and author of the primer on Prophetic Sciences to learn how to love our Beloved Prophet saw.

Anse Sawsan Aklouk: decades of teaching experience with young children in Jordan with a focus on children loving Allah!

We Need Your Support

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1. Equal Opportunity

We are creating a scholarship fund so we can welcome all families regardless of their financial ability. Gift this education to a child! Mommy & Me, Preschool or Camps are some options!

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2. Beauty Costs Money

We are striving to nurture a space that can exhale a sense of the sacred, imbuing its visitors with reverence for Allah's remembrance.

  • We hope to integrate the beauty of Islamic aesthetics alongside an educational permaculture garden and farm animals area.

  • Inspiring Learning Areas: a Shamail Garden, a living Seerah Journey area, Animals around our Beloved Prophet saaw area etc.

  • Larger indoor space: we hope for a much larger indoor community space and classroom but currently need to pay back the loans for the smaller existing indoor spaces.

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3. We Are Growing

Our community has been asking for more programming and you can help us make this happen! In addition to Mommy & Me, Pre-school & Camps we are striving to offer after-school and homeschool programs as well. But we need more resources including hiring staff and teaching resources.

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