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Meaningful Celebrations on the Farm

Themed Party
Pick Your Theme for Your Celebration!
Which Theme Suits Your Party Best?

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Special Moments
You can Choose Between:

  1. My Love Letter (Quran)
    -Bismillah: just started reading
    -Aameen: just finished reading

    -Memorizing Bench-marks
    -Hifdh Celebration
    -Reflections on the Fatiha


  2. My Sacred Connection (Prayer)
    -Beginning the Journey: 7/8yr old 
    -Blossoming in its Embrace : 10 yr old 

  3. The Pearl(Hijab Party)
    -Contemplating the Beauty
    -Ready to Embrace


  4. Gratitude for the Year  (B-days)

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Our Holidays
You can Choose Between:

  1. Season of Love(Ramadan Party) 

  2. (Eid Party)

  3. In Love with my Nabi (Rabi ul Awwal)

  4. New Year Intentions - (Muharram/Ashura)

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Our SuperHeroes 
You can Choose Between:

1.  For Girls: Princesses of Jannah

-Generous like Princess Khadija        

-Resilient like Princess Hajar               

  -Brave like Princess Aasiyah

-Strong like Princess Fatima  Zahra


2.  For Boys:  Princes around our Beloved ﷺ

-Gentle like Prince Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq

-Brave like Prince Hamza

-Brave like Prince Khaled bin Waleed

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Welcoming a
Sacred Soul


Baby Showers

Gender Reveal 

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