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Prophetic Parenting for Mothers
(Arabic Immersion for children!)


Barakah Wednesdays: Free Prophetic Parenting Before your Mommy and Me (Hold My Heart, Let's Bloom!) class!

Starting Oct 26th!

Prophetic Parenting: 

Remember the day we found ourselves drenched in the downpour of Allah's mercy as we held our newborn baby in our arms for the very first time!  Motherhood.  What a miracle, subhanAllah.  How many mothers from the people of the previous Prophets must have yearned to have become mothers on the days we did, just so that their children could be counted amongst the ummah of His Beloved peace be upon him.  To think that Allah chose us to be mothers of our Prophet saaw's ummah subhanAllah.  How can we ever thank Allah for this?  

We want nothing more than for that pure innocent newborn baby to be Beloved to Allah always.  To be the coolness of our Prophet saaw's eyes.  And yet, this tremendous responsibility of motherhood can be overwhelming.  How do we raise this child the way Sayyida Khadija did without any training?  Most of us spent our youth trying to do well in college and imagining our dream careers.  No experience in running a home, we find ourselves busy surviving to get meals on the table on time or keeping up the home.  

How will our homes become sacred havens where the souls of our children are nourished to fall in love with Allah and worship Him with devotion?

It is this pressing concern which has led us at the Rose Garden to develop a course on nurturing our Sacred Havens.  We have offered some courses online during the pandemic and are now very excited to share some of the content with our blessed group of mothers in person inshaAllah!  

Dates for the Program
- Semester 1: October 26th - Dec 21st
- Winter Break: Dec 24th - Jan 24th
- Semester 2: Jan 25th - May 31st


10:45-11:45: Prophetic Parenting | There is no cost for this class, outside a one-time annual fee to cover a gift for the teacher.



OPTIONAL Arabic Immersion

- Arabic Immersion for your children while you attend Prophet Parenting:

10:45-11:45: This is an extension of "Our Beloved ﷺ's Pearls" Arabic Immersion program (Drop Off) | $95/month (4 weeks).  If interested contact:

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