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Prophetic Pearls
Arabic Immersion Program | 2022-2023



Starting Oct 24th!

Ages: 3 - 7


Imagine walking with our Beloved Prophet ﷺ hand in hand down the streets of Medina and taking in his ﷺ presence fully while memorizing his ﷺ every word.  Imagine if our children could understand those words directly without translation!  Arabic is the profound language chosen for the Quran itself, for the speech of our Beloved Prophet ﷺ and the language which will be spoken in Jannah!  And yet, many non-natives share how difficult it can be to learn the language as an adult.  


The optimal time to pick up a new language most naturally and effortlessly is in these crucial early childhood years through an immersion environment. Children in these years are less self-conscious than older learners and are willing to try out newly acquired language skills without fear or reservation.  They are also better at mimicking new sounds and adopting pronunciation.  Not to mention that children who learn a second language at a young age demonstrate increased problem-solving skills and creativity.  


This Full Arabic Immersion program in Classical Fusha Arabic is designed to revive this blessed language for our children in our outdoor classroom which is a festival of the signs of Allah’s Beauty and Majesty naturally calling the child’s soul to be in awe.  Thematic and systematic vocabulary building along with conversational themes are emphasized in the immersion environment while engaging in sensorial activities, singing, games, stories, hands-on projects, imaginative play, and taking care of our garden and animals.  Memorization of Juz Amma, short hadith, Classical Arabic  poetry for eg. the Burda, 

Year-Round Program:
- Semester 1: Oct 26th - Dec 22nd
- Winter Break: Dec 24th - Jan 24th
- Semester 2: Jan 24th - May 25th

Twice a week: every Tuesday & Thursday

- Half Session: 9-10:30 am | $255/month.

- Full Session: 9-12 pm |  $495/month

Once a week: Tuesday only OR Thursday only:

-Full Session: 9-12pm: $255 

Welcoming Siblings! Sibling discount $15 off

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