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Blooming Buds

May the seeds of love for His love Letter, bloom in my heart!


Falling in love with our Beloved Prophet ﷺ

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Prophetic pearls 

Arabic Immersion

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His Love Letter

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In awe of Him as we

explore on the Farm

 Here's welcoming your precious children to bask in the loving presence of qualified Hafidhas

as they fall in love with the Noble Qura'an on a farm!


Quantitative:  Our focus is to harness the innate ability of young children to orally memorize what they love. We will focus on the short surahs in Juz Amma. Each child will progress at their own pace as they naturally feel inspired by the mentorship of their teacher and the comradery spirit of others working on the same goal.  For children who show interest we will introduce the Arabic letters through the montessori materials and Qaida Baghdadiya.  

Qualitative:-story-telling, singing poetry,  reflective Quranic recitation, games, and activities while spending time amidst the beauty of His creation on the farm.

Ages: 3-6 yrs

Days/Time: Mon & Wed from 2:15 - 3:15 PM

Cost: $195/Month (4-week session)

Teacher: has her ijaza in tajweed, the Noorani Qaida, AMS Montessori certified in Math & English and loves nurturing and creatively teaching children!

Full Year Program:

  • Semester 1: Aug 26th - Dec 18th

  • WinterBreak: Dec 19th - Jan 19th

  • Semester 2: Jan 21st - June 12th



  • Sept 11th, 16th, 18th, 23rd - Rabbial Awwal Break

  • Dec 2nd - Thanksgiving

  • Dec, 20th - Jan 21 - Winter Break

  • Mar 24, 26, 31st and April 2nd - Last 10 Days of Ramadan & Eid Holiday

  • May 26th - Memorial Day

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