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Blooming Buds
 Preschool Program | 2023-24



Starting Sept 11th!

Age: 3  - 7

Childhood is the hallmark of sensorial learning in nature, second language immersion, consistent rhythm, movement, song and imaginative play as the foundation for future academics is laid.  Young children are blessed with a pure fitri heart possessing an immense capacity to absorb deep spiritual truths. 


Our outdoor classroom is a festival of the signs of Allah’s Beauty and Majesty naturally calling the child’s soul to be in awe.  As we melodiously recite from His Love Letter, chant dhikr, and sing classical poetry not only in Arabic and English but also reviving it in Urdu and Farsi, our hearts take flight.  As we live the deep meanings in the stories that are told, our powerful imaginations bring to life how tremendous our Beloved Prophet ﷺ is.  As we imaginatively play to process what our hearts are absorbing, we also learn how to share, take turns and communicate our needs. 

Taking care of each other, tending our garden, and looking after our animals welcomes us to becoming responsible caretakers of His creation.  True social skills are gained through learning how to interact with everyone in the 'village'.  Our mixed-aged environment, mommy and me program and community celebrations facilitate this.  In addition, we hope to create further meaningful experiences in the course of the year through hikes, visits to orphanages, senior centers, and neighbors.  We also hope to invite regular special guests from our local community as well as  virtual visits to special teachers in the Muslim lands.

With all of this and much more, our prayer is that we can facilitate a sacred journey of falling in love with Allah. 


*The Doors to fall in love with Him which are woven into the curriculum: 

-Reverence and love for His Love Letter to us, the Noble Quran.  

-Our Beloved Prophet ﷺ: can we love someone we don’t know?  The focus will be on personally getting to know our Beloved Prophet ﷺ the Shamail and Seerah. 

-His Signs: treading the journey of reading His signs in nature as a window into His Beautiful Names.  

Sample Rhythm:

*Some of the skills amongst many which are facilitated in the curriculum: 

-Quran: Memorization of surahs from Juz Amma at each child’s own pace.  Based on the child's interest we will introduce the sounds of the letters through both Montessori Materials and Qaida Nooraniya.     

-Language: well written meaningful stories will be told and nonfiction picture books related to His signs will be read.  Classical poetry in English as well as in Arabic, Urdu, and Farsi will be memorized. 

-Math: we will be learning this through the Montessori Math materials as well as practical applied Math on the farm, in the garden and during imaginative play.    

-His Signs: studying and discovering the botany of the garden and the zoology of our chickens. 

-Gross motor and fine motor skills: these will be both through the movement games, projects, artwork, imaginative play, and Montessori-inspired work.  

-Nurturing Akhlaq through Prophetic Emotional Intelligence: learning how to care for and respect our parents, teachers, each other, ourselves, our garden and animals.  

Year-Round Program
- Semester 1: Sept 11th - Dec 23rd

- WinterBreak: Dec 24th - Jan 24th
- Semester 2: Jan 25th - May 31st 


Nov, 23rd - 24th 2023

April, 6th: Last 10 days of Ramadan


Twice a week: every Monday & Wednesday

- Full Session: 2-5:15 PM |  $495/month (4 Weeks)

Once a week: Tuesday only OR Thursday only:

-Full Session: 2-5:15 PM: $255/month (4 Weeks)

Welcoming Siblings! Sibling 5% Discount.

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