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Discovering His Love letter

"What could be more beloved to one in this world than “love letters” from one’s Beloved?

Every page of the Qur’an is a love letter sent to us from Allah.

(Imam Zaid Shakir)

Our intention is to nurture a friendship with the Quran and let love lead the way.  Here's welcoming your children to blossom in their journey of discovering His love letter in the company of young hafidahs who are loving, joyful and nurturing older sisters for them. 

Qualitative: story-telling, singing poetry, vocabulary games and reflective Quranic recitation while spending time amidst the beauty of His creation on the farm.  

Quantitative:  we will implement a creative system of motivation to nurture the Prophetic way of a growth mindset through which each child can try their very best.  Our approach involves an array of developmentally-appropriate Quran stations which nurture each child according to their level. Each child will progress at their own pace as they naturally feel inspired by the mentorship of their teacher and the comradery spirit of others working on the same goal. 

a.  Beginner level: this group will be learning how to read with tajweed through Arabic Montessori materials and the Baghdadi primer Qaida.  Oral memorization will continue until they are able to read.
b.  Intermediate Level (already reading): this group will be memorizing the noble Quran through reading, listening, and writing(based on their ability).


Dates: February 13th - May 11th (3 Months)

Days: Monday/Wednesday Options

Time: 1:30-2:30 PM

Holiday: April 17th & 19th (Last 10 nights of Ramadan)

Ages: Girls 5-13 & Boys ages 5-7 


$100/month 2x Weekly (Mondays & Wednesdays -- This is what we highly recommend | 8 classes/month)

$75/month  1x Weekly (Mondays OR Wednesdays | 4 classes/month)

Note:  We will assess the maturity of the child during the first two weeks of the program


The two main teachers are Hafidahs and all the teachers have their ijaza in Tajweed, the Noorani Qaida, and AMS Montessori certification in Language and Math.  

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