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Discovering His Love letter
(The Noble Qura'an)

Here's welcoming your daughters to bloom in a journey of connecting with the beauty of His Love Letter - the Noble Quran under the shade of a young hafidah who is a loving, calm and joyful older sister to be around! 

We will warm our hearts with powerful group Qura'anic recitation in the presence of the beauty of His signs on the farm. We will together build strong encouraging companionship! Let's make memories this semester, as we build meaningful bonds in our journey of falling in love with His Qura'an.

Depending on were you are on your journey, we will begin from one of the below:

  • Tajweed

  • Hifdh

  • Qaaidah


Starting November 28th!

Who: Ages: 6-11 (girls)

When: Monday & Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm

Where: The Rose Garden Farm in Hayward Hills

Registration Coming Soon!